Helping Hands

The Centers’ Helping Hands Giving Club offers donors the opportunity to provide continual support for building healthy children, families and communities through our prevention, intervention and treatment programs. Helping Hands is specifically designed to provide education and the basic needs to children in our care.

As a Helping Hands Giving Club member, you will be able to make monthly contributions through an easy, safe and convenient electronic funds transfer from a checking or savings account.

By donating a minimum of $15 each month ($0.50 a day), you are making a real difference in the thousands of lives we touch each year in Arkansas.


All of us can use a helping hand now and then. After all, a helping hand that lifts us up when we’re feeling down and out can help get us back on track. A helping hand that pats us on the back when our confidence is shaken can lend a great deal of reassurance when it’s desperately needed. A helping hand that protects us when we are most vulnerable can help turn our lives around.


To lend a Helping Hand please download, complete and mail the form below to:

Centers for Youth and Families

P.O. Box 251801

Little Rock, AR 72225


Donation Form (download)


For additional donation opportunities or to get any of your questions answered, contact The Foundation Office at 501.666.9436. Thank you for your support as we work together to build healthy children, families and communities.